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Petrasoap has expertly curated a catalogue of wholesale towels to provide you with any kind of towel you may need. Our bulk gym towels lines offer bulk gym bath towels, bulk gym hand towels, bulk gym washcloth towels and bath mats. We have a wide selection of bulk pool towels and microfiber wholesale towels, as well. Our state-of-the art Anti-Theft bulk gym towels are also a part of our bulk gym towel range. Our bulk gym towels are favoured by gyms, fitness clubs, wellness centers, athletic facilities, salons, hotels, spas, medical offices, restaurants and more. We have a wide range of quality, make and material types of wholesale towels; you can browse our tiered lines here. Whether you need a plush, super absorbent bulk gym towel or a quick-drying bulk gym, we have the right towels for you. We also offer a variety of bulk pool towels, with luxuriously soft ranges and terry ranges. Our bulk pool towels also come in a variety of colours and can be customized by speaking with a sales representative. Our other bulk gym towels also come in a few colour choices dependent on the brand/type chosen, and can be customized through a sales representative. Scroll below to browse our catalogue of bulk gym towels, and more.

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