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In the pursuit of customer satisfaction and providing exceptional services, businesses in the hospitality industry, including gyms, fitness clubs, and hotels, are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the overall experience for their members. One often-overlooked amenity that can significantly contribute to customer satisfaction is the provision of shave cream and gel. By offering these essential grooming products, establishments can cater to the needs of their guests, promoting convenience, comfort, and a sense of luxury. There are numerous benefits that arise from incorporating shave cream and gel into the amenities provided by gyms, fitness clubs, hotels, and other hospitality environments.

Convenience and Accessibility

When guests visit gyms, fitness clubs, or hotels, they may not always have access to their personal grooming products, including shave cream and gel. By offering these amenities, you can provide a convenient solution for your guests and members, ensuring that they do not have to carry their own supplies or make additional purchases. Members can enjoy the convenience of readily available shave cream and gel, eliminating the need to pack and transport these items during their travels. This provision reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations among guests.

Comfort and Quality

Providing shave cream and gel also contributes to the comfort and quality of the grooming experience for members. High-quality products ensure a smoother shave, reducing the risk of irritation, razor burn, and cuts. The presence of these grooming essentials indicates that the establishment values its members' well-being and wants to ensure they have a pleasant experience during their stay or visit.

In addition, offering shave cream and gel in hospitality and fitness environments allows members to enjoy the luxury of using premium products that they may not typically purchase for themselves. This enhances the perceived value of the establishment as one that goes above and beyond in providing exceptional services. Luxurious grooming amenities contribute to an overall sense of indulgence, creating a memorable and positive experience that guests are likely to associate with the establishment.

Competitive Advantage and Differentiation

In an increasingly competitive market, fitness & hospitality businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition. The provision of shave cream and gel sets establishments apart, as it is not a commonly offered amenity. This unique feature can attract new members and guests, especially those who prioritize convenience and personalized experiences. By investing in these grooming essentials, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves as establishments that understand and cater to the needs of their members. Small details go a long way.

Positive Brand Image and Reputation

Providing shave cream and gel contributes to the development of a positive brand image and reputation. When members have a positive experience during their stay or visit, they are more likely to share their experiences with others, both online and through word-of-mouth. This leads to increased brand recognition and positive reviews, enhancing the establishment's reputation and attracting new members and guests.

Name Brand Shave Cream &: Gel We Offer:

Our website offers a variety of bulk shaving creams and gels to enhance your members experience such as:

  • Gillette
  • Campbells
  • Barbasol


a world renowned shaving brand that offers a variety of shaving products for both men and women as well as all different skin types. With Gillette you are getting a trusted brand that everyone will recognize.


Campbells is a brand that is trusted by barbers and stylists across North America. With a rich lather and high performance this brand also has a dispenser option to measure out the perfect amount and reduce waste.


One of the all-time best selling shave creams across North America, Barbasol is famed for its cost effective, high performance in the shave realm. Offering both original and sensitive skin shave cream, this brand is a favourite among many.

Unlock the Aromatic Elegance: Explore our Bulk Aftershave Collection

Explore our extensive selection of bulk aftershaves that cater to every discerning members. From timeless classics to contemporary scents, our range ensures you'll find the perfect blend to suit your style and mood. Each aftershave boasts premium quality and long-lasting fragrance, providing the ultimate post-shave indulgence. Enjoy unbeatable value and elevate your grooming routine with our diverse collection of bulk aftershaves. Experience sophistication and confidence with every application. Discover the essence of true elegance today.


Offering a complete amenity line-up in your facility can help with member satisfaction and, thus, customer retention. While some members may bring their shower products, many want to avoid getting shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in their bags whenever they come to the gym. Offering an excellent bulk shampoo in the shower allows for convenience and improved hygiene.

As a manufacturer and distributor of all types of personal care products, Petra knows the importance of offering different product formulations to match a club's brand. Our bulk shampoo gallon jugs range in price, scent, colour & ingredients used. We have economical solutions for price-conscious clubs and higher-end solutions with all-natural ingredients for eco-friendly brands.

Most of our wholesale shampoos are packaged in single-gallon jugs with 4 gallons coming to the case. This means that you would receive 4 gallons of wholesale shampoo per order. Our gallon jugs are designed to be poured into shampoo dispensers, and we have a range of dispensers you can choose from here.

The shipping weight of a case of shampoo varies depending on the brand but is usually around 40 lbs. As an established distributor of products, Petra can arrange special delivery requirements such as lift gate and inside delivery if needed. We also offer special shipping discounts for customers who order a particular volume of products. For more information about this, please email us at

The types of ingredients used in the bulk shampoo vary from product to product. This depends on a couple of things, such as price point, the product's desired effect, etc. With this said, we avoid SLES, parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Yes. Petra has a wide variety of different dispensing solutions that can be used for bulk shampoo products. We have wall mounted options that come in single, double or triple chamber format and can even offer customization of dispensers with brand names and logos applied, should this be something you want. For more information on customized dispensers, reach out to us at or to view our full range of shower dispensers, browse the products here.

This is a great question and depends on the size of the dispenser used; however, we can give you a rough breakdown. The average person uses 1-2 ounces of shampoo when washing their hair. There are 128 ounces per gallon, so for each gallon jug, you should get approx. 80 uses. Therefore for each case (4 x 1 wholesale shampoo gallon jugs), you should get about 320 benefits. For a more detailed cost analysis, you can reach out to us at, and we will have a rep analyse your shower usage and provide an estimate!.

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