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Product # MC7091




The Certaity wipes are fragrance disinfectant wipes that kill 99 % of bacteria, viruses and fungi in just 10 minutes. Registered with Health Canada,these wipes are designed for high traffic gym, clubs and fitness centers. Use these wipes for all the surfaces in your gyms that need to be cleaned wheter it be your equipment, table top surfaces or anything else that needs cleaning.

What can you use these cleaning wipes for?

  • Wiping down gym equipment and surfaces
  • Cleaning the equipment of sweat and dirt
  • Replacing the old school, inefficient paper towel and spray method

How many cleaning wipes come in a case of Certainty Wipes?

  • There are 1000 Certainty wipes per roll
  • There are 2 rolls, (2000 cleaning wipes) per case

Certainty as a brand provides for a complete wipe system that is designed to reduce waste and minimize work especially in comparison to the old spray and towel methods. Their Wipes eliminate airborne chemicals, prevent rust and kill 99.9 % of all germs.  These wipes are also safe to use on seats, arm and leg rests, benches, hand groups, and many gym accessories. While the two mounted wipe dispenser options along with the stand provide a mobile dispensing option according to your facilities needs. Additionally, tabletop and floor dispensers provide an alternative to the more standard mounted dispenser.

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  • Wipe:  8 x 6
  • Roll = 1000 wipes
  • Case: 2 rolls = 2000 wipes
  • Price/ wipe: $ 0.0425 cents
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