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Petra has 30 years of experience in manufacturing soap-related products for a variety of different customers; from large retailers to influencers trying to monetize their following. As such, we are experts in industry trends and in developing the best possible products for our customers.

We have put all that expertise together into a quiz to personalize the formula of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion (what we call the shower line). Your answers will be run through our internal algorithm and result in a free box of 10+ carefully curated samples to bring your idea to life.

So what are you waiting for? Have FUN creating your Petra Private Label Product!

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What is Private Labelling?

In short, selling products with a business or individual brand (like yours) that are manufactured by a different company (like us). It’s an easy way for individuals and businesses to tap into manufacturing companies core competency and expertise to sell products branded by you or your business, completely removing the overhead and headache that comes with operating a manufacturing facility. And everyone is doing it, companies like Nike, Amazon, and The Honest Company. What do they know that you don’t… keep reading.

Who is Private Labelling good for?

Private labelling is good for three types of uses cases:

  • The influencer looking for ways to monetize her or his following.
  • The business looking to offer a complimentary product
  • A growing company that needs to focus on building their brand and not manufacturing.

In other words, all those who have an audience interested in personal care products.

The Growth of PL

At Petra, we’re surprised more companies and individuals aren’t leveraging these services to generate additional revenue. According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, "Private label market share has reached nearly 25 percent of unit sales in the U.S. and is expanding faster than national brands." 

Not only is this segment exploding in growth and continuing to do so, but customers WANT private label brands. Consider the following stats:

  • Consider this: 7 out of 10 millennials’ buying decisions are based on peer recommendations, while only 3% of consumers buy products because of a celebrity endorsement.
  • To reiterate, people WANT your products; in their annual consumer survey ‘Power of Private Brands’ from earlier this year, FMI and IRI found that 60% of shoppers said it was very, or somewhat, important for a retailer to have a good assortment of private brands
  • Your following (Instagram & YouTube users) enjoy seeing posts of products. According to L2 research, 69% of top performing Instagram posts feature products. In fact, product posts beat out even lifestyle posts or image/video posts from celebrities.
  • When a user sees a post from a person rather than a brand they are 5x more likely to convert.
  • Influencer marketing has on average a 5% conversion rate, and beats out Google on 3 of 4 key metrics, see graph below:

Petra is a north American manufacturing company specializing in products personal care products. We take pride in helping you bring your personal care initiative to life. Start today by filling out the form above, or email for more information!

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