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Euroline Gym Wipes Dispenser | Best Gym Wipes Dispenser 

petrasoap wall mounted gym wipes dispensers are the best way to delivery our pre-moistened gym equipment wipes. Every fitness club will love this sleek model because it’s easy to refill and install. Petrasoap no-touch gym wipes dispenser is also hygienic, and will help eliminate the spread of germs while providing a healthier environment for your members. Being able to adjust the dispensing tension so members don’t unintentionally take more gym wipes than needed, keep facility costs down and guests happy.  It is renowed and used frequently in gyms and fitness centers, however Euroline gym wipes Dispenser can be used in healthcare centers, wellness centers, hospitals, Uuiversitys, and Colleges. This dispenser pairs perfectly with all our Wholesale Gym Wipes.

Why Petrasoap?

Petrasoap has a remarkable track record delivering service and quality products to our vendors for over 30+ years. With Free shipping over $1000, we are able to supply small to large Fitness centers,Gyms, Wellness Centers, Educational Facilities, Corporate facilities, and much more! Petrasoap has brilliant customer service along with GMP certification to ensure all of our products will service you however you need them too. 

The Best For Your Facility

To complement your order of wipe dispensers, pair it with our bulk sanitary wipes, check out our wide selection of wipe dispensers here. Are you looking for our bestselling dispenser to go with our bestselling wipes? Then, consider our Wipes Floor Dispenser—available in a Stainless Steel or Black Powder Coated finish.

Please note that Antibacterial Wipes are wetter than our other wipes and must be dispensed from either an upward facing wall mounted dispenser or a floor dispenser.


  • locking Hinged Cover(Great for 24hr Gyms)

  • Dispensing tension Adjustable to reduce excess usage 

  • Attractive, updated design with hidden hinges 

  • Gym Wipes dispense from the Bottom 

  • Designed to work with all Petrasoap Gym Wipes













  • Shipping Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 14x10x10.5
  • Quantity: 1
  • Brand: Euroline


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